Jeezy Reveals He Was Shut Out Of Barack Obama Correspondence Dinner After “My President” Dropped

As Atlanta vet Jeezy has conquered the music industry and is currently taking on a pivotal talk show, the “Put On” rapper owes a lot of his current state-of-mind to his life’s lessons and the family ties that have assisted in his knowledge and growth experiences. Hitting up the Daily Dose to speak with the Power 106 Morning show hosts Teddy Mora, Melissa Rios, and DJ Carisma, the rapper spoke on the iconic moment when he dropped “My President” when Barack Obama was elected to his first term in office as President. Although he released the uplifting anthem, Jeezy reveals that he was sadly shut out of an Obama New York Correspondence Dinner in which he was invited. Jeezy goes on to speak about what fans can look forward to on his new Fox Soul installment ‘Worth A Conversation’.