Paloma Ford Talks ‘X TAPES’ EP & Names 2Pac, Aaliyah, & Sade In Her Top 5 Favorite Artists List

Paloma Ford pulled up to “Checc In” with Power 106’s DJ Carisma and discussed her new EP entitled ‘X TAPES’. The singer/model has been putting in much reflection on her personal life recently, as she stepped away from releasing her current EP for a bit, but confesses that she ultimately came back to finish the project to deliver a complete story to her fans. Ford has continued to write and record and, find a bigger purpose with her talent, as she speaks with Carisma on how her career has evolved and the respect she now craves for her artistry. Ford plans on taking on a quarantine performance soon to promote ‘X Tapes’ and she also reveals that a Part 2 of the project is definitely on its way. Paloma also goes on to share her Top 5 Favorite Artists list, which includes the late 2Pac and Aaliyah and the incredible Sade, as well as shares what she would do if she were President, plus much more.