Bizzy Bone Release “Enigma”

 Here’s a new joint from Bizzy Bone! Check out “Enigma” below.


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Lots of people moving so fast they forget to Focus….. social media is fast because of the number of people using it!! I am not social media. Ima #persun. Trying to keep up with the computer drive is the disillusion of trying to “keep up” …. take ya time and depend on ya talent …. Also all that “you STILL on that?” YES and so are they. Idgaf if i am lyrically superior. You will not crush ME with your wallet #weezgoodroundcheer you will not silence me with diamonds and gold because #weezgoodroundcheer……. i.e. Also all that “they must be good , look at them flashing money and jewelry shit” BACK in the days motherfuckers would lie about being the biggest drug dealers to “impress” hip hop fans into buying into the facade. That shit wont happen on my watch. Got me f*cked up …… For instance a “older” artist can’t just do auto-tune and make a living because you little b*tches start talking that “old nigga shit” #nowtheenergyisthere AND I MEAN #everybodywhodoingit #crabsinthebarrelmentality. YA’LL right this IS bigger than the lads….. This is a blatant attempt to KILL off the legends and make it so they can’t create and feed their families. Putting LEAN And PILLS all in the kids faces for PROMO….. because artist to artist ….. you motherf*ckers cant even hold a beat …… so u use money , lean , false images of being sexy and feminism to lead your promo train because the LGBTQ community is “ in style” now. Dancing like a full fledged fucking member of the LGBTQ community and saying its the new movement. YALL GOT ME FUCKED UP! There should be a membership requirement and you motherfuckers should have to ACTUALLY be a member in order to benefit and market ya self as if #asif this is your lifestyle. Meanwhile the actual out community struggling to be on because you little b*tches are fictitiously perpetrating THEIR movement. Wearing Ruffles and shit like you robbed the late great Princes closet 😆 #ripprince #thesymbol fucking hoes….. selling ya manhood and covering the crime with the old #thisthenewstyle dirt….. a toast to the LEGENDS #2PAC #BIGGIE with style and grace #EAZYE the living legends. #Bizzyhasspoken #btnh #godbless✌🏽

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