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Trippie Redd Talks His Favorite Tupac Song & More With Billboard

Trippie Redd talks “Love Scars,” his favorite Tupac song and more with Billboard. Check out an excerpt from the interview below and click HERE to read the rest.

Which artist caught your attention early on?

[Lil] Wayne. I keep this in my bag and I don’t go anywhere without it [pulls out a picture of him and Lil Wayne]. [Laughs.] It was fun. He hopped on another song. We was working way before that though. I had told my fans a long time ago when I had blue dreads, I was like, “Me and Wayne about to have a track.” Me, Wayne and [Lil] Twist. Everybody was waiting for that shit.


Do you have a favorite Tupac song? 

“Hail Mary.”

On “Rack City/Love Scars 2,” you said, “Tell my mama I’m sorry for the life I chose.” Are there any regrets that you have in your life that you wish you can take back? 

Nah, because life is a lot of experience. You just gotta learn, you gotta live and learn. You live and you learn. There’s nothing you can really do. Like I don’t wish I can go back and do shit. If it happened, then it happened.

What was the first record you ever wrote? 

I didn’t write it, but the song is called “Manu Ginobili.” [Laughs].