Vince Staples Announces New Album, ‘Big Fish Theory’

Vince Staples announces new album ‘Big Fish Theory’ and more with VICE magazine for recent article. Check out excerpts from the interview below and stay tuned!

“He’ll soon embark on several months of further explaining — his new album, ‘Big Fish Theory,’ is sure to generate press and daunting lines of questioning from reporters.”

“The songs on ‘Big Fish Theory’ are excellent, a further exploration of the same massive, almost industrial sounds that welled up in the production on Staples’ acclaimed 2015 double album, ‘Summertime ’06,’ and even more sharply in his 2016 EP, ‘Prima Donna,’ which also explored the budding contradictions of fame. On Big Fish Theory, Staples plays with ideas of conflicting expectations, mixing, for instance, “holy water with the Voss.”