Kendrick Lamar Talks New Music & More With ‘T’ Magazine

KendrickMy boy Kendrick Lamar talked new music and more in recent interview with the New York Times’ T Magazine. Check out excepts from the interview below. Enjoy!

“In the little recording suite, Lamar, whose face was boyish despite that night’s beard, who is small of stature but carries himself with uncomplicated gravity, was resplendent in canary-yellow from head to toe save for the white socks peeking out of his apricot slippers. Looking like a doge in a painting by Tintoretto, his hood remained up and tight around his face as he spoke.

“When I say ‘my community,’” Lamar continued, “I’m talking about Compton, Long Beach, L.A., the Bay Area, San Francisco, Oakland. For them to be like: ‘He’s the champ! He knows what we go through and what we dealing with’ — I’m talking about growing up in a gang-infested community in L.A. So the album comes out and then I go on tour and I’m rockin’, I’m on stage and I see that the energy is the same as it was when I was at home in Compton. And I couldn’t understand it, because I’m like, how can you connect to this? How can you connect to a feeling like you’re locked in a box because of the gang culture? And one particular fan broke it down to me: ‘I connect through your music not because I know about the gang culture; it’s the sense of wanting to be set free.’ Simple as that. He said, ‘That’s the message that you get across in this album. You’re dealing with that, but I’m dealing with drug abuse; you’re talking about the gang culture and you want to escape that and I want to escape my own self-afflictions and addictions. That’s where the connection comes from.’ And when I understood that and it resonated with me I felt like, O.K., it’s always a line of communication where we can agree on something: We just choose to or choose not to.””

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