6lack Talks Music & More

6lackMy boy 6lack talks music and more with Complex. Check out the interview below. Enjoy!

It’s not easy for young artists to stand out. Great music is the first requirement, but it also takes something else—something beyond just the music—to makes fans gravitate towards an artist. In 2017, a personal connection has become a necessity as well. By looking at the rabid fanbase he’s amassed (his recent No Ceilings show with Pigeons & Planes sold out in under a half hour), it’s clear that 6LACK has developed that difficult-to-pinpoint quality that forges a connection with listeners.

His Free 6lack project was a standout last year. “PRBLMS” is an absolute slapper that pulls right at the strings of your heart. Though he’s still a young artist—only 24—6LACK isn’t new to making music, and has quite a different past than most. He’s been signed to a label since his late teens, and was a battle rapper in high school. Yes, a battle rapper. You can hardly tell from his loose, melodic style of rapping and singing he’s picked up since then, though.

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